Proactive Claim Management System So Powerful, It's Magic!

ClaimWizard assists your public adjusting business by providing powerful tools for managing every step of the claim process – from origination to settlement and beyond. ClaimWizard helps you stay on top of your adjusting case-load, proactively guiding you through your process, and providing improved customer service. Its client-centric approach helps to increase your company’s capacity, providing you with the tools you need to grow and succeed.

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Every Month ClaimWizard Customers Save…

Hours in Lost Paperwork

Hours Searching for Information

Hours in Manual Filing

How much more business could you land with MORE hours EVERY month?

ClaimWizard Learning Academy

Get Your Staff Trained FAST!

In addition to free personalized training for ClaimWizard customers, your team has 24/7 access online training resources and videos to help get the most benefit in the least amount of time.
Adjustment management software is a must for adjusters wanting to be “the best.” We hear of others saying that the ClaimWizard team are not just not dedicated software developers, but partners helping their clients in the management of their business.
William F. “Chip” Merlin Jr., Esq.

Founder and President, Merlin Law Group


Proactive Claim Management

ClaimWizard is the only proactive claim management system that alerts you to critical and important issues before they become problems. ClaimWizard constantly monitors and reviews your claims so you don’t have to. And since every company is different, these alerts are completely customizable by you.

Action Oriented Tasks

ClaimWizard’s unique approach to tracking claims is inspired by David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” (GTD). It helps you to think of your claims in terms of action items and leads you through “What’s Next”? This approach helps you to move through claims quicker with a focus on the end-goal of bringing the claim to settlement.

Powerful Tools for Your Company

ClaimWizard is a powerful tool that helps any organization manage their claims and staff with greater efficiency, oversight, and control. A powerful search engine lets you find information quickly and easily. Time-saving features like automated document and email generation save you time and ensure accuracy and consistency.
Using ClaimWizard we are better organized, we have better documentation on claims, better sharing, more efficient across the board and we are working on detailing every step in our process to give our adjusters a simple “follow the recipe” chart to achieve consistent results… There is no way we could recover millions of dollars for our clients every year without ClaimWizard.
Michael Klavan

Owner, Adjusterman LLC

Ready to Become a ClaimWizard?

The customer service is above and beyond… ClaimWizard is the heart of our company. I have had the experience to have had four different softwares. By far, ClaimWizard has exceeded all of my expectations. If you are a public adjuster, it is a must to have ClaimWizard.
Lester Martinez

Owner, Nation Claim Services

ClaimWizard Experience

With a combination of advanced tools and a thorough understanding of claims management backed by over 25 years of industry experience, ClaimWizard provides your company with the competitive edge necessary for success in today’s marketplace. Our clients benefit not only from our expertise but from the expertise of others throughout the industry. We encourage feedback and suggestions from our clients. This leads us to add features and improvements that benefit everyone.