6 Ways to Turn Your Clients into 5-Star Google Reviewers


Sometimes, the best compliments come in the form of outstanding Google reviews, primarily when a happy client rates your service with five stars.  Positive reviews not only position you as the leader in your marketplace but often lead to repeat business and many referrals. 

So, before you ask your client to submit that Google review, let’s first look at what it takes to nurture your client during the claims process. How you respond to your client will either make or break your business, especially in this age of social media and online reviews.

Here are seven ways a good relationship with your client can lead to a 5-star review:

1. Prompt and Clear Communication

Effective communication is key. Ensure you establish clear communication channels and promptly respond to client inquiries, updates, and concerns. Regularly updating clients on the progress of their claims while providing status reports and addressing questions will foster that trust and keep your clients satisfied.

2. Personalized Service

Successful public adjusting companies treat their clients as individuals with unique needs and circumstances.  Simply striving to understand a client’s situation can make all the difference in how they view your service. Be sure to provide personalized advice and guidance so your client will tell others how much you care about their unique situation.

3. Transparency and Education

Clients often have limited knowledge of the insurance claims process, and it can be overwhelming for them. One way to walk them through the process is to be as transparent as possible. That means explaining each step and educating them about their rights and entitlements. Guiding clients through the complexities of the claims process is an instant trust-builder.

4. Timely Updates and Proactive Communication 

Timely updates on developments, milestones, or challenges are a great way to keep your clients informed throughout the process. Even if there are no significant updates, proactive communication reassures clients that their case is being actively managed and that their interests are a priority.

5. Empathy and Compassion

Insurance claims often create stressful situations. Displaying empathy and compassion towards clients’ circumstances can go a long way in nurturing the client relationship. When possible, offer emotional support and demonstrate genuine care throughout the claims process. This can help alleviate client stress and anxiety and create a positive experience.

6. Continual Follow-Up

5-star service continuously extends beyond the completion of a claim. Follow up with clients to ensure their satisfaction and address additional needs or concerns. Establishing long-term relationships will pay off in dividends, especially if your clients are responsible for bringing you new business.

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