The ClaimWizard team has dedicated nearly 30 years to creating solutions specifically for the adjusting industry and are dedicated to improving and growing YOUR business. Since 2005, our software has helped successful public adjusting companies increase their ability to handle more claims, operate more efficiently, be more competitive, and realize their strategic goals.

  • If your company is at capacity or buried under paperwork…
  • If your staff is overwhelmed…
  • If you are spending long hours in the office trying to keep up with your workload…
  • If you are ready to take your business to the next level…

ClaimWizard can help. After all, you can’t be a Claim Wizard without a little magic.

The ClaimWizard Story

ClaimWizard co-founder Dave Young developed his first claims management system for the public adjusting industry in 1994 and has developed multiple custom private-label systems for the industry since. What is now ClaimWizard was originally created in 2005 for private clients and has evolved into a feature-rich software solution that is available on an affordable subscription basis.

When Hurricane Katrina hit, Dave had already been building custom claim processing systems for over 10 years. His reputation as a leading technical authority on developing claim processing solutions led adjusters and attorneys in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama and Florida to call the “wizard” (yes, that’s really what they called him — and how the company got its name.) Companies that were accustomed to handing 20 or 30 claims a month suddenly found themselves with hundreds of claims and needed a way to effectively manage their workload. Fast.

Roughly a month later Dave had designed and implemented a claim system accessible over the Internet, a substantial achievement considering the complexity of the software. It was now possible for small companies to handle much larger volumes of claims than they could with more traditional methods such as paper folders, Excel, or Act. A few clients even directly attributed their success adjusting Katrina claims to the application.

Over the next few years the ClaimWizard team would focus on improving the software and working with existing clients. Sadly, they had no idea of what was to come and how badly a system like ClaimWizard was needed in the industry. Aerial views of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy to the New Jersey coast taken during a search and rescue mission by 1-150 Assault Helicopter Battalion, New Jersey Army National Guard, Oct. 30, 2012. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Mark C. Olsen/Released)

When Superstorm Sandy struck New Jersey in October 2012, Dave and his wife watched family and friends lose their homes and neighborhoods to the storm. Some lost more than that. People that had only ever worried about paying their insurance premium on time were now literally underwater trying to decipher their policy, find safe shelter, feed their family, and try to return their lives to normal. Nearly every adjuster Dave knew called wanting access to the “wizard” system they knew he developed for Katrina. It was now time to help his neighbors climb out of the damage and start rebuilding their lives.

After the power came back on, Dave made it his mission to transform ClaimWizard into a solution that would be accessible by any company — from national companies with offices across the country to husband-and-wife teams working from their kitchen table. The role of the adjuster was now more crucial than ever. Dave knew that if he could make the job of the adjusting companies easier the outcome for property owners would improve. Product features and powerful solutions that are normally reserved for large enterprises with deep pockets were now available to everyone at a reasonable price.

The ClaimWizard team has dedicated nearly 30 years to creating solutions specifically for the adjusting industry and are committed to improving and growing YOUR business.

ClaimWizard is NOT a Public Adjusting Company

While ClaimWizard has been in the public adjusting software business for over 25 years, we are NOT public adjusters. Why is that important?

Some claim systems are developed by other public adjusting companies. Typically, they created the software for their own use and decided to sell it to others. Most times the software has little additional value outside an address book and spreadsheet. This means that the software was designed to suit their company’s needs, not yours. The ClaimWizard platform has been developed by interviewing and incorporating claim processing workflows of hundreds of successful adjusting companies and law firms that service the adjusting industry. The ClaimWizard software accommodates how your company works and processes claims. Don’t get locked into a system designed around the needs of someone else’s public adjusting company.

ClaimWizard is easy to customize and flexible enough to suit the unique needs and growth of your company. Further, many companies continue to maintain their public adjusting business while selling their software. This leads to important questions of the security and confidentiality of your data, who has access, and can the company be trusted? Often times companies have voiced concern that they could be providing their competitor with their client data and “company secrets.” If this is important to you, you should ensure that the claim system is not owned by another public adjusting company as this can be a clear conflict of interest.

Also, consider such things as service and support. If your company is busy with work, chances are that the public adjusting company that also develops software is busy, too. Will they be available to support you if they are out adjusting claims as well? How can they dedicate their time and resources to your adjusting business if they are busy growing their own adjusting business? What if they decide adjusting is more profitable and drop software development and support – where does that leave your company?

The ClaimWizard team are experts in software development and digital marketing and have specialized in adjusting software for over 25 years. They have done extensive research and training in multiple workflow automation processes, productivity methods, and time management techniques in order to bring you the very best ideas and tools to help your business grow and thrive.

Why choose a public adjusting software claim management solution whose primary business and expertise aren’t even software?

Public adjusting is YOUR business. ClaimWizard is OUR business.

Dave Young

Dave Young

Head Wizard

Dave is a 30+ year veteran as a software systems architect and developer with extensive experience designing and implementing large-scale, multi-tiered application systems. He has successfully delivered world-class enterprise solutions for a broad range of companies in practically every industry sector ranging from insurance and financial to pharmaceutical and healthcare.

He specializes in component and service-oriented architectures with a foundation in (but not limited to) the Java Enterprise family of technologies, as well as the Spring framework. He has also served as CIO / CTO for several small to mid-sized companies and consults to many Fortune 500 firms on technological and business integration matters. Acknowledged as an expert in his industry, Dave has co-authored books on Enterprise Software Development. He is also valued as a business process analyst and has applied his expertise to many companies over the years.

Dave is a Co-Owner and heads up the ClaimWizard claims management product and team.

Lynette Young

Lynette Young

Sorceress of Alchemy

Lynette Young, ClaimWizard’s Co-Founder & Sorceress of Alchemy. She is a Certified Business Advisor and has over 25 years experience of designing and mentoring profitable and well-run small businesses and franchises. She is a proven process and technology strategist with focus on workflow efficiencies and scalability.

Over her professional career, Lynette has worked with clients of all sizes ranging from Google, Twitter, Harlequin Publishing, and American Airlines to HVAC installers, electricians, local appliance retailers, franchises, and now exclusively public adjusting firms.

Lynette is a Co-Owner and heads up the ClaimWizard RevOps team.

The Wizards

The Wizards

Behind the Curtain

The ClaimWizard Team’s unique combination of strengths for both local small and enterprise businesses enables them to provide the very best services for your public adjusting company.

Our San Antonio Texas-based team:

  • Dave – Founding Wizard & Lead Code Wizard
  • Lynette – Founding Wizard & Sorceress of Alchemy
  • Destinee – Sorceress of Customer Support
  • Jorge – Code Wizard
  • Jen – Sorceress of Training
  • Dinesh – Code Wizard
  • Lee – Sorceress of Social
  • Emily – Sorceress of Marketing