Learn About ClaimWizard

Thanks for your interest in learning more about how ClaimWizard can help your company better track your claims from presales and origination to settlement and beyond. ClaimWizard is a cloud-based workflow and claim management solution specifically designed for the public adjusting industry.

If you would like to schedule time with our team, please choose a date and time below that works for your company. This is held via Zoom, so multiple people from your company can attend simultaneously. ClaimWizard Q/A are held for one company at a time so you are free to ask any specific questions you would like.

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Demonstration Video Contents

Click through to YouTube to watch and you will have access to chapter markers that will allow you to jump to:

This video is a recorded product demonstration and should give you a great introduction to ClaimWizard and how your public adjusting company can benefit from using the system.

If you just have a few questions or want a trial account? Send us a message and the most qualified person on our team will get back to you!

  • ClaimWizard History & Information
  • ClaimWizard Benefits Overview
  • Generate Meaningful and Consistent Reports
  • Reduce Need for IT Support and 3rd Party Hosting Solutions
  • Create Documents and Paperwork with Ease and Precision
  • Track Internal and External Deadlines
  • Predictable, Repeatable, and Documented Processes for Your Company’s Claim Cycle
  • Calculate Company Fees, Commission Calculations & Track Expenses
  • Client Portal and Document Upload
  • Portfolio-Based Claims Management (Clients, Properties & Claims)
  • ClaimWizard Mobile Apps (iOS Android Mobile Tablet)
  • ClaimWizard Pricing
  • ClaimWizard Dashboard Overview
  • Opening a New Claim in ClaimWizard
  • Working With Existing Claims in ClaimWizard
  • How ClaimWizard Keeps All Your Closed/Settled Claims
  • ClaimWizard as a Simple SaaS Solution for Your Public Adjusting Company
  • Dashboard Column Overview & Security
  • Claim Information & Detailed Claim Sections
  • Claim Summary Information