ClaimWizard Document Template Preparation Service

Writing business letters can be very time-consuming. From finding and collecting claim-related information to include, writing the same letter over and over, and even proofreading, you are spending valuable time on repetitive administrative tasks that could be better spent elsewhere. Fortunately, utilizing ClaimWizard’s Document Templates makes it very easy to “one-click” automate the generation of letters and forms.

Using Microsoft Word or Excel, you can take the documents that your business already uses and, by adding a few basic template codes, quickly create letter and form templates. Once the template is stored in ClaimWizard, it will be immediately available to your organization, saving them time, ensuring consistency, and freeing them up to focus on other matters. There is a comprehensive and easy-to-learn guide on the ClaimWizard Academy that walks you through preparing your company documents and transforming them into boilerplate content that your entire organization can benefit from.

But what if you or your staff do not have the time or technical expertise to go through each document, determine what fields are best to use, check for spelling errors, create a unified “look-and-feel”, or even make a simple update to an address or phone number? The ClaimWizard Document Template engine is simple to learn and implement but is also very powerful. If you need to get your documents prepared fast or your template automation needs are complex and you would prefer not to spend a few hours (or days) learning the tools…

We can help.

ClaimWizard offers a “done for you” template preparation service that takes your company documents, create the templates, inserts the correct merge fields, checks for consistent logos and fonts, tests and then after your approval uploads those templates into your ClaimWizard system. If you like, we can even apply some of our formatting magic to give your documents an extra level of polish and professionalism.

Pricing is $35 per document template conversion.

Please note that if you insert template fields into your documents yourself, we will always test and upload them into your account at no charge.

  • Cost is $35 per document. Only .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, and .pdf (form) files allowed.
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