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Coaching Enrollment

The cost of the Fix This Next Coaching program is $5,000.

After completing the form below, we will be sending over an outline of how we will be working together.

Package Includes:

  • Fix This Next Analysis : An in-depth interview with you that explores the major facets of the FTN methodology (Sales Profit Order Impact Legacy) and Lynette’s unique 6S Business Contextual Model as it pertains to your company, our FTN “One & Next” pain points that your company should be focusing on fixing, and Lynette’s 6S Business Contextual Model (Starting, Stalling, Soaring, Shifting, Sinking or Selling
  • Fix This Next Workbook : You will be provided a customized FTN Workbook (PDF format) as well as a project to facilitate coaching services. All materials will be compiled as a report and issued to you at the conclusion of the coaching sessions.
  • Find It & Fix It : Working with the identified “One and Next” pain points in your business, we will work together to design a structured resolution. I will:
    • help you define the objective (the result you would like to achieve)
    • create a way to measure the progress and impact of the objectives solution
    • design an evaluation frequency to determine how often a review measurements
    • suggest ways to nurture your solution and determine if a change in course (pivot) is required
  • Public Adjusting Action Plan : If the results of your FTN program indicate you need to be working to unclog bottlenecks, build efficiency, or increase profitability in your public adjusting company, Lynette will work with you 1:1 to design, implement, and execute those solutions.
  • Fix This Follow Up Calls : FOUR calls directly with Lynette to explain your results and any next steps you should be making for your company

Estimated Engagement Time: Two Months

  • Fix This Next Coaching Package
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