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Business Coaching with Lynette Young, CBA
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Zero In on Goals

Whether your company is Starting, Stalling, Soaring, Shifting, Sinking… or even Selling – Lynette has the experience to help you get moving in the right direction. Many times, owners are too close and emotionally connected to their business and process to be able to diagnose the pain points, formulate goals, and design solutions.

Find Focus

Find the focus you need to achieve immediate results within your business. Stop wasting time and losing money trying what ‘other’ Public Adjusting companies have tried to grow or fix their business. You are unique, and your growth solutions should be as well.

Achieve the Greatest ROI

It’s time to cut through the noise and use a proven system that gives you the right answers as to exactly what you should focus on next in your Public Adjusting business. As a Certified Fix This Next Advisor, Lynette has extensive training to guide your company through the FTN system and methodology.

We Serve YOUR Industry

Lynette has been working with Public Adjusters and related industries such as first party law firms, dry-out companies, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, contractors, restoration, and roofers for over 20 years. Let her help turn that knowledge into power for YOU.

What Is Fix This Next Coaching?

A business that continues to go in endless circles putting out urgent fires and prioritizing the wrong things. … Now, Fix This Next offers a simple, unique, and wildly powerful business compass that has already helped hundreds of companies get to the next level, and will do the same for you.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

With over two decades of helping small businesses, Lynette has the experience and clarity to guide you to success.

Fix This Next Hierarchy of Business Needs - Lynette Young Certified Fix This Next Advisor


EVERY business absolutely must have an inbound source of income. It’s the creation of CASH – the oxygen and lifeblood of every business.


This level encompasses the creation of STABILITY and assures that the business has longevity. Here’s where many business owners get tripped up. They THINK they have a sales problem (just go out and generate more and more revenue) – when what they REALLY have is a profitability problem. Cash is leaking out of the business faster than it’s coming in. At this stage, we focus on optimizing the business to run more effectively.


Order is the creation and maximization of efficiency through well thought out systems that keep the business running like clockwork, EVEN IF the owner or other key employee were to suddenly be unavailable to fulfill their role themselves. The goal is to create consistency so the business can run on autopilot.


Impact is the need to create TRANSFORMATION through the business. The transformation and lifelong impact on the customers, clients and other stakeholders in the business.


Legacy is the highest level and is a mature need that focuses on the creation of PERMANENCE of the business. This is the level where the business owner transitions from owning the business to becoming the steward and leader of the organization.

Why Hire Lynette as Your Fix This Next Advisor?

If you want to work with an experienced small-business professional that knows YOUR business, let’s chat.

Coaching Goes Beyond "Reading a Book"
If reading a book (such as reading the Fix This Next book) and applying it to our business was that simple, wouldn’t we all just be out there problem free? There are millions of self-help resources to show us exactly WHAT to do to solve our problems. But this information is explicit. We’re missing the knowledge that only an expert like me can provide.
What Being a Certified Fix This Next Advisor Means

I am certified in Mike Michalowicz’s “Fix This Next” methodology and licensed to work with clients using that method. I have insider and additional resources at my disposal. I am one of only a few Certified Fix This Next Advisors in the world that has completed extensive training that goes above and beyond the content of the book itself.

Why Knowing YOUR Industry is Important
In addition to my Fix This Next certification, I am also well-versed in First Party Claims businesses. I’ve been working with businesses like Public Adjusters, first-party law firms, HVAC, dry-out, restoration, electrical, general contracting, roofers, and plumbers for over 26 years. I own and run my own successful software company (ClaimWizard) where not only do I help Public Adjusting companies learn how to use our platform in the most efficient way, I teach and guide those companies to design a claim workflow that is efficient and profitable. Now, I am licensed to apply the FTN methods and solutions to those same businesses!
How Do I Know Fix This Next is Right For MY Company?

   Sitting here buried. Feeling paralyzed. Don’t know what to do next. Yup. That sounds about right. Some business owners feel this way from time to time. Most business owners feel this way all the time. That relentless weight of being buried by all of the problems that need to be fixed affects business owners of every level of experience and success.


   Whether you just started out or your company is the industry leader, whether you’ve struggled to make payroll or are rolling in profit, that urgent need to fix everything, like now, can cause you to freeze up. Which problem should you tackle first?

Sound like you? Download a FREE Fix This Next book excerpt and see what the methodology is all about. Click here for your PDF download! Interested in picking up the book? Check it out on Amazon here (it’s currently the #1 release under Organization Change!)


What If I'm Not a Public Adjusting Company?

Chances are, I can still help! If you in any related industry that serves property holders such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), plumbing, roofing, electrical, home improvement, restoration, dry-out, engineering, EMS, board-up, environmental testing, interior designer, mold remediation / testing, property management, temporary housing or law services that service any of these industries… I CAN HELP!!

Why do I limit my services to these industries? Because I understand your journey and your clients. While in the past I may have worked with companies of all sizes and types, I choose to work with YOU (as long as you fit the criteria above) because that is where my heart and expertise is.

What if I have a company type above but I’m a “franchisee”? That’s cool by me! So long as your core business is to serve property owners, I’ll help you!

We are not taking on clients in any unrelated industry such as medical, retail, real estate, food service, etc. We are more than happy to refer you another Certified Fix This Next professional!

Certified Fix This Next Advisor - Lynette Young

How It Works

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Reach Your Goals

Fix This Next Free eCourse

This free eCourse will provide you with a detailed explanation of the Fix This Next Methodology.

Fix This Next Coaching

This Coaching package is a continuation of the FTN Analysis above and includes outlined and actionable steps and goals needed to help you FIX the problem(s) you have identified via analysis. Also included is Lynette’s own unique 6S Business Contextual Model designed for YOUR business.

More Details

Package Includes:

  • Fix This Next Analysis : An in-depth interview with you that explores the major facets of the FTN methodology (Sales Profit Order Impact Legacy), your FTN “One & Next” pain points that your company should be focusing on fixing
  • Lynette’s Unique 7Seas Business Contextual Model : Online workshop that features a unique small business coaching opportunity not able to be offered by anyone else! No matter if your business is Starting, Stalling, Soaring, Shifting, Sinking, Selling, or Steady – we can help you identify the prevalent ‘personality traits’ of your business
  • Fix This Next Workbook & Basecamp : You will be provided customized coaching as well as a project management platform to facilitate services. All materials will be compiled as a report and issued to you at the conclusion of the coaching sessions.
  • Find It & Fix It : Working with the identified “One and Next” pain points in your business, we will work together to design a structured resolution. I will:
    • help you define the objective (the result you would like to achieve)
    • create a way to measure the progress and impact of the objectives solution
    • design an evaluation frequency to determine how often a review measurements
    • suggest ways to nurture your solution and determine if a change in course (pivot) is require
  • Public Adjusting Action Plan : If the results of your FTN program indicate you need to be working to unclog bottlenecks, build efficiency, or increase profitability in your public adjusting company, Lynette will work with you 1:1 to design, implement, and execute those solutions.
  • Fix This Follow Up Calls : FOUR 30-minute calls directly with Lynette to explain your results and any next steps you should be making for your company

Estimated Engagement Time: Two Months

Fix This Next Retainer

An ongoing coaching relationship where together we will continuously work to discover, pinpoint, fix and cycle through the FTN Business Priority Pyramid and the unique challenges your business has.

$1,500 / monthly

More Details

Estimated Engagement Time: Six Hours Per Month