If you are looking to grow your public adjusting company’s team by hiring SMART people, this video is for you! Learn how to:

– Set SMART goals on what to hire for
– How to have a “talent philosophy”
– How to design a 90-day onboarding plan

In this video we give you a complete breakdown of the role types you may need to hire for your public adjusting company and what tasks they should be responsible for:

– Front End Office Support — phones, email, client support / communication, onboarding new claims, setting appointments
– Back End Office Support — creating / filing claim paperwork, entering claim data into tracking system, following up on vendors, sit on phone with carriers
– Financial Support — payroll, invoices, taxes, expenses, mortgage processing
– Management Support — office or adjuster manager
– Business Support — process, marketing, strategy, growth, expansion (on biz, not in)

We have also broken down a complete 90-Day Onboarding Plan for Front End Office Support and included it for FREE!