How to Process Claims Like a Rockstar: Q&A with Jennifer Williams


Are you a Public Adjuster without an efficient way to manage your claim process? Feeling disorganized or inefficient? Or maybe you have way too many tasks on your to-do list and you’re struggling to complete everything efficiently?

Take a deep breath – we got you covered.

ClaimWizard sat down with Account Executive and Training Wizard, Jennifer Williams, to chat about common pain points Public Adjusters are facing today, and how the right claim management system can alleviate those frustrations. 

What are some of the biggest challenges that PA’s are facing today? 

One of the biggest challenges that Public Adjusting firms are facing today is organization. ClaimWizard gives PA companies an automated tool for a claim to be processed, documented and settled in one place – and that’s a huge win not just for Public Adjusters, but for policyholders. We all know documentation is key in processing a claim, and we all know it’s not easy to do. By creating an easy-to-follow and execute claim management workflow process, your claims have forward momentum and compliance-adherance when it comes to completing a claim.

What are some key ways that Public Adjusting firms can avoid falling into traps like disorganization? 

My best advice is to avoid technology that is out-of-date and under-powered. Many people come to us using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheets, a generic ‘CRM’, or an inferior product designed without their company’s unique claim processing needs in mind. If your current solution allows you to put information in, but it doesn’t allow you to track who did what, when, and how – it’s not servicing your company the way it should. 

Another example of a great growth opportunity is the ability to use Action Item Workflows to delegate tasks and give timelines of how things are being completed. It gives accountability and structure to a claim. Using document templates will also allow for time-saving measures and ensure data quality. In the grand scheme of things, this makes life a lot easier.

Lastly, we encourage teams to invest in training their staff. The Public Adjusting world and technology is constantly changing. It’s important to keep your staff up-to-date on tools, tips and tricks that can make their lives easier. Training with ClaimWizard can be time-saving, compliant and cost-effective.

How will a workflow solution solve these issues?

When a firm takes the time to create “custom-to-them” Action Item Workflows, this allows for less discrepancy of what needs to be done on each claim. This also allows for accountability and time management. While there is a basic understanding with the Action Items that are put into the system in the beginning, it’s important to cater to what each firm needs out of our platform. Of course the ClaimWizard team is happy to chat with Public Adjusting companies to design the right workflow solution for their goals.

What would you say to a Public Adjuster who is on the fence about investing in a workflow solution?

ClaimWizard transforms how Public Adjusting businesses run in real time – allowing for time-saving, cost-effective and accountable workflows to enhance a claim. By investing in a claim workflow solution, you will save money, save time, AND make money!  It also means reduced stress, automatic compliance, less micromanaging, and faster response times. Having that kind of accountable workflow in place is what makes claims run smoother and faster.

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