ClaimWizard is the Best Way to Manage Your

Public Adjusting Claim Process

Never Lose Track of a Claim

ClaimWizard is a powerful tool that helps your company manage claims, clients, and staff with greater efficiency, oversight, and control.


Always Know What To Do Next

ClaimWizard is the only proactive claim management system that alerts you to critical and important issues before they become problems.


Proactive Claim Management

ClaimWizard is the only proactive claim management system that alerts you to critical and important issues before they become problems. ClaimWizard constantly monitors and reviews your claims so you don’t have to, freeing you to work on more important things.


Action Items

ClaimWizard’s customizable action item task system lets you create a process that fits the way you do business without letting anything “slip through the cracks.” More than a to-do list, action items let you create and delegate tasks, assign deadlines, track deliverables and measure progress.


Claim Alerts

A sophisticated yet easy-to-use rule engine continually analyzes your claims and alerts you to any conditions you need to know about. Alerts for upcoming deadlines, statute requirements, missing information and documents, overdue follow-ups, and more are easily customizable.

Email Notifications

Stay informed on your claims even when you’re not logged in. Email alerts, daily and weekly summaries keep you up to date even when you don’t have time to log in. You can even create your own email alerts.

Client Portal

ClaimWizard gives you the ability to create a Client Portal for your public adjusting company. Your clients can log in 24/7 and get information on their claim. Everything they see is customizable by YOU so they only see the information YOU want them to see.

Financial Tracking

ClaimWizard helps you track every dollar that comes in and out of the claim process. It does the math for you by calculating policyholder payouts, company fees, commission payments, partial payment, referral fees, and much more.


Document Templates

ClaimWizard has a built-in document template engine so you can create custom letters pre-filled with any information you want such as client, claim, property and loss data. It’s now as easy as clicking a button. No more cut and paste! Supports MS Word, Excel and email.


Super Search

ClaimWizard lets you search and retrieve information using our robust search capability. Have only part of a carrier claim number, a zip code radius or a partial street address? That’s all we need to get you the information you are looking for. Fast.

Client-Centric Data Management

ClaimWizard has a unique approach to data management that we call client-centric. In ClaimWizard, your client has a portfolio of properties. Each of those properties has zero or more claims. One screen allows you to view everything that is happening with a single client. Whether your client has one property with one claim, or an entire portfolio of commercial properties consisting of tens or hundreds of claims, you will easily know everything required to provide your client with exceptional service.


User Security Levels

ClaimWizard lets you decide who on your staff has access to what data. Robust security features let you control what your staff can view, edit and delete. Your company’s adjusters and sales solicitors will only see those claims that have been assigned to them – nothing more. Different user groups let you distinguish between senior and junior staff, supervisors, and more / less privileged staff. It’s your company. You always have complete control over these decisions.

Cloud-Based Convenience

ClaimWizard is a hosted software solution available 24/7 via any web browser. There’s never an upgrade charge or other hidden fees. Your subscription ensures that you always have access to the latest features without having to wait or upgrade.

Reports & Analytics

If half of a system’s value is the data that you put in, then the other half is what you get out of it. With a large collection of reports and analytical tools, ClaimWizard provides you with rich insight into how your company performs and where opportunities for improvement can be found.

... And MORE!

  • File Uploads & Photo Gallery
  • Mobile Accessable
  • Time Tracking
  • … and much more!

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