The Reason Your Claims Handling Workflow ISN’T Working


The role of a Public Adjuster is crucial. While they navigate the complex world of insurance claims, they’re also advocating for businesses and policyholders – ensuring that clients receive proper compensation for their losses. It’s a constant balancing act that requires skill, forethought, and organization.

But what happens if the Public Adjuster’s daily workflow is riddled with mistakes? Such obstacles can range anywhere from incorrect documentation to missed deadlines.These are the types of obstacles that hinder effectiveness, ultimately impacting the outcome of insurance claims. 

Enter ClaimWizard – a cloud-based workflow and claim management solution specifically designed for the public adjusting industry. Its job is to carefully guide Public Adjusters through the claims process while mitigating common issues that may arise along the way. 

“There are several ways that we’ve designed our software to maximize efficiency and minimize risk,” said Lynette Young, co-founder of ClaimWizard. “Some of those processes include everything from streamlining your workflow to improving communication and transparency within the system.”

“Our software provides a centralized platform for stakeholders to interact, and the system ensures that information is shared in a timely and transparent manner. The end result is less errors and delays.”

But absent a workflow solution on a reputable platform, the Public Adjuster faces potential roadblocks. This is why the team at ClaimWizard created the software – to clear a messy paper-trail path for Public Adjusters who were drowning in spreadsheets, and to introduce them to the world of automated workflows.

Automation is the ultimate game changer

The platform allows Public Adjusting companies to create custom workflows that automate the sequence of tasks involved in processing a claim. ClaimWizard can automatically move a claim through various stages like initial file review, investigation, estimating, negotiation, and settlement based on predefined triggers and conditions.

These customizable workflows empower public insurance adjusters to design and implement processes that cater to their unique requirements, resulting in more efficient and compliant claim management. 

Here’s a detailed look at the benefits of customizable workflows and how they contribute to adaptability:

  • Claim type customization

Different claim types require distinct workflows to address their unique complexities. ClaimWizard enables adjusters to create custom workflows for each claim type, such as new claim or supplemental, ensuring that all necessary steps are followed, and no essential tasks are missed.

  • Client-specific workflows

Customizable workflows allow adjusters to tailor their processes to meet individual client expectations, resulting in higher client satisfaction and long-term relationships.

  • Team member-specific tasks

Not only are workflows 100% customizable, but who you assign tasks to within each workflow is granular based on job role or department. With assignable due dates, next steps and overdue actions, workflow tasks allow every team member to stay focused on the big end goal of getting a claim to settlement FAST!

The platform’s task automation and customizable workflows are designed to reduce manual errors, while focusing on high-priority tasks that require expertise. It’s these automated features that enhance overall claim management quality, resulting in higher client satisfaction. Bottom line – ClaimWizard’s platform is designed to make public insurance adjusters’ jobs easier, so they can deliver the best outcomes for their clients.

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