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March 11-13, 2024


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This event is for anyone in a company using ClaimWizard in an executive or management role responsible for setting up and configuring their company account. You do not need to be a current ClaimWizard customer to attend.

Who Should Attend?

If you’re handling first-party property insurance claims, this event is right up your alley! Perfect for current ClaimWizard users, but if you’re curious about managing more claims in less time, you’re welcome too (space permitting.) It’s a great chance to see how ClaimWizard can boost your business… and your bottom line!


Le Méridien Dallas by the Galleria

13402 Noel Road Dallas, TX 75240

What Will You Learn?

At this event, you’ll learn how to use ClaimWizard more efficiently, explore its advanced features, and discover best practices for effective claims management. You’ll also get tips on customization and network with industry peers. It’s an excellent opportunity to enhance your ClaimWizard skills, whether you’re a current user or considering it for your business.

Agenda : Dallas, TX

Monday, March 11, 2024

6-8pm: Evening Cocktail Mixer

Kick-off the event with an opportunity for participants to meet and mingle in a relaxed setting. A brief introduction to the ClaimWizard training objectives and what participants can expect over the next two days as well as introductions to sponsors in attendance.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

9:00am – 9:45am: Introduction to ClaimWizard

Start with the basics of ClaimWizard, covering its core purpose and overall functionality.

9:45am – 10:00am: Break

A short break for refreshments and informal discussions.

10:00am – 10:45am: Navigating the Interface

Continue with guidance on navigating the ClaimWizard interface and identifying key features.

11:00am – 11:15am: Sponsorship Talk

11:15am – Noon: Setting Up User Accounts

Instructions on setting up your user accounts to fit specific needs and uses for Workflow Action Items.

Noon – 1pm: Lunch (on your own)

1:00pm – 1:45pm: Data Entry and Management

Details on how to efficiently enter data and manage records.

1:45pm – 2:00pm: Break

A moment to stretch and take a breather before continuing.

2:00pm – 2:45pm: Claim Management

Managing claims from initiation to resolution, tracking statuses, and deadlines.

2:45pm – 4:00pm: Automating Tasks & Reporting and Analytics

How to automate repetitive tasks and use reporting and analytics for decision-making.

6-8pm: Evening Cocktail Mixer

Continue networking opportunities, allowing attendees to discuss the day’s learning, share personal experiences, and build professional relationships.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

9:00am – 9:45am: Hands-On Training (bring a laptop)

Start with practical sessions for applying learned concepts in simulated environments.

9:45am – 10:00am: Break

A pause for refreshments and casual conversations.

10:00am – 10:45am: Continued Hands-On Training

Further hands-on practice with ClaimWizard features and functions.

11:00am – 11:15am: Sponsorship Talk

11:15am – Noon: Advanced Features & Finances

Exploring advanced features and financial disbursements.

Noon – 1pm: Lunch (on your own)

1:00pm – 1:45pm: Best Practices & Tips

Sharing insights and tips from experienced users to enhance software proficiency.

1:45pm – 2:00pm: Break

Time for a quick rest and networking opportunity.

2:00pm – 2:15pm: Sponsorship Talk

2:15pm – 3:00pm: Networking & Experience Sharing

An opportunity to share experiences and learn from others in the field.

3:15pm – 4:00pm: Q&A and Success Case Studies

Concluding the sessions with a Q&A and presentation of success case studies.


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Other Important Information

  • At this time we do not have a hotel room block.
  • Who from your company should attend? Owners/principals and someone responsible for overseeing your claims process such as an office manager.

Learning Topics

  1. Introduction to ClaimWizard: Understanding the basics of the software, its purpose, and overall functionality.
  2. Navigating the Interface: Learning how to navigate the user interface, understanding the layout, and identifying key features.
  3. Setting Up Your Account: Guidance on setting up and customizing your user account to fit your specific needs.
  4. Data Entry and Management: Instructions on how to enter data efficiently, manage records, and utilize templates for various claims.
  5. Claim Management: Detailed sessions on managing claims from initiation to resolution, including tracking statuses, deadlines, and important documents.
  6. Automating Tasks: Learning how to automate repetitive tasks to save time and increase efficiency.
  7. Reporting and Analytics: Training on how to generate reports, understand analytics, and use this data for better decision-making.
  8. Advanced Features: Exploring advanced features of the software that can help in complex claim handling.
  9. Troubleshooting & Support: Information on how to troubleshoot common issues and access customer support for more complex problems.
  10. Best Practices & Tips: Sharing best practices and tips from experienced users to enhance your proficiency with the software.
  11. Networking & Experience Sharing: Opportunities to network with other professionals, share experiences, and learn from real-world case studies.
  12. Hands-On Practice: Practical sessions where attendees can apply what they’ve learned in simulated environments.
  13. Q&A Sessions: Opportunities to ask specific questions and get detailed answers from the experts.
  14. Updates on Industry Standards: Information on how ClaimWizard aligns with current industry standards and practices.

Networking Opportunities

Join us for an exclusive ClaimWizard Happy Hour on the evening of the first day of training. This is an exciting opportunity to unwind and network with fellow industry professionals! This event is more than just a social gathering; it’s a chance to connect with experts and peers in the claims management field, share insights, and mingle with our sponsors.

Whether you’re a seasoned ClaimWizard user or new to the platform, you’ll find value in the casual, friendly discussions about best practices, innovative uses of the software, and the latest industry trends. Enjoy complimentary drinks and appetizers in a relaxed atmosphere where conversation and collaboration flow as freely as the refreshments.


To assist in bringing you this free two-day intensive ClaimWizard training, we have partnerned with some of the best in the industry!

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